Mountain inspiration editorial


Due to its impregnability, height and greatness mountains have always attracted humans. Up there snow melts very late in spring and the peaks are under the snow almost all the year-round. At the same time, it is there, where the first spring springs take their origin, bringing life downhills.

In a place like that, very high in the mountains, among the steadiest trees and huge bare stones, we have created this shooting not only to impress the viewer but to make his feel cyclic character of time and primitive power of nature. This story is about changing of the seasons, the transition from winter to spring. It is all about the moment when the cold is still strong but is forced out by the first and unsecure breath of spring.

Two beautiful girls personify different characters, those are very alike and different at the same time. They imply to be gracious powers of nature, that meet only once a year to finish and begin again a new cycle and season.


Photographer: Dim Melnikov // Planning and styling: "Nostra Storia"  // Flowers and stationery: "Renne Decor"  // Video: "Big big day" // Dresses: "Victoria Spirina" // Models: Sveta Frozen & Sasha Kononenko