"How to avoid most of the wedding day tricky traps of the wedding day and enjoy your celebration without any obstacles".

If you're a bride and you're getting ready for your memorable wedding day, here are some valuable and quite versatile tips that will help make your day truly flawless and your photos - perfect!

These tips were written by an experienced wedding photographer who has tried to choose only the most tricky nuances that are often overlooked. Each tip on this list has been field-tested, carefully preserved, and proven to be of practical use.

“ Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

Seneca the Younger

1. Shoes shoes shoes!

According to statistics, the bride walks more than 10.000 steps in a day and any slightest discomfort can cause a lot of trouble (at least will constantly distract the bride from the joy of the day), so pre-test your new wedding pair of shoes carefully and buy it soft insoles will be the right decision. Of course, don't forget to advise your groom to do the same!
P.S. Evening soft and comfortable substitute for your main shoes is also a very cool solution. (For the party dances, yes!)

2. Fresh and healthy complexion

 It's really really important to get a good sleep and not drink too much water at night before the wedding day. It's not the easiest tip to follow, but it really does work! Plus, not all makeup artists are as all-powerful as they may seem. 

3. A word about cosmetics

Do not use any untested cosmetics -  shampoos, balms, and so on. Make sure that the groom also uses only proven creams/lotions after shaving as an unexpected reaction on the skin on the wedding day is not the most pleasant thing.

4. Tanning and skin color

If you're going on a trip before your wedding and decide to get some tan, it's best to bring SPF protection with you. Also, choose your bathing suit with the necklines of your wedding dress in mind so you don't get skin tan lines from your swimsuit on your open necklines. As for the auto-tanner, you can also probably guess that this is almost always a very controversial decision.

5. Test makeup and hairstyle

Do wedding makeup test a lot in advance. Don't forget that photos eat up several stops of makeup saturation (experienced makeup artists know this and make sure to take it into account). Experimenting with the groom's hair at a new hairdresser a couple of days before the wedding is also not the wisest decision.

6. A pinch of preparatory paranoia

Be suspicious of any new food a couple of days before your wedding. Decided to order oysters the night before your day? Lend me some of your courage, please!

7. Dress code

Pay your guests' attention to the wedding dress code. Mom dressed all in white or the nearest bridesmaid - in a bold red dress, will shift all attention even from the most luxurious wedding dress.

By the way, you can always buy versatile bridesmaid dresses - transformers in different shades online. Just think about it, perhaps it is not the worst option in your case.

8. The groom's tuxedo

Please, be especially precocious with the shades of blue, when choosing a suit for the groom. because most of the shades of blue require a true expert stylist to select the very tone that will match the color of the groom's face and the bride's dress plus they are really hard to edit on post-production. If you can decide in favor of a classic black or white tuxedo it will almost always be a win-win solution.

9. Some small but important things

Better yet, a needle and thread in the color of your dress/fatty wouldn't come in handy, but it's best to keep them handy or in your purse at your nearest girlfriend's place. (As well as a Band-Aid in case you didn't pre-tested your shoes beforehand, after all).

10. ...a few more important little things.

Take a set of oil-absorbing facial sheets. There's no time to explain - just take them with you!

11. Quick tip about wedding indoor locations

Instead of booking a cramped room with red carpets/colored walls and small windows, try to choose a spacious hotel room with large windows. The photographer will thank you and return absolutely wonderful photos in return.  By the way, this tip is versatile enough and is suitable for choosing any room for the entire wedding day. ( We know that this tip sounds quite obvious, but it is still listed, which should say a lot).

If you prepare yourself at every point as well as you can… you will be able to grasp the opportunity for broader experience when it appears.

–  Eleanor Roosevelt

12. Simplify your logistics!

Do not overload your wedding day with events and do not turn it into a marathon of locations. The day will be very rich emotionally, so it is important to reduce the logistics to a minimum, otherwise instead of a beautiful story in the memory will remain only the hustle & bustle.

13. Harsh daylight

A wedding ceremony at noon is quite a controversial idea. The whole point is that the shadows will be harsh and the picture will be quite flat. (You've probably seen such weird photos in some wedding albums, where the groom is in full shadow, the bride stands in direct sunlight and some of the guests squint looking at the couple.) 
If the schedule of the day can not avoid the midday sun, then you can help the competent choice of location with a big spot of open shade (shade from large objects or dense trees). It's cool if your organizer and photographer check the registration site in advance to avoid complications. And if your photographer uses a special app. like "SunCalc", which tracks the position of the sun and shade -e he's really good at his business!

14. Don't limit yourself to just one awesome day!

You can always please yourself with an extra photo session before or after your wedding day!
There are really a TON of benefits: you can check your test makeup in the field, walk around in your second wedding dress, get used to your photographer, and pick an unusual/beautiful location that you don't have time to get to on your wedding day. In case bad weather happens at the wedding, such a shooting will also come in handy.

15. Backup plan

Always have a backup plan, or better yet, a wedding planner with a backup plan. Even when the chance of bad weather is extremely low, it is better to have an option of a ceremony under a roof or a tent.

16. Important pictures of the day

In the wedding day bustle, you must not forget to take photos with your granny, mom, father, and other closest people including your beloved pet. Don't limit yourself to a formal portrait - take a few shots where you hug and laugh and show all your love sincerely and informally. Years from now, it's these photos that will be the most precious in your family memory album.

17. Prep. day for your wedding team

If your wedding is destination one and the team is coming from far away and do not know the area, it is essential to bring them in advance, taking into account in the schedule an extra day to acclimatize. In this case, photos and videos are sure not to arrive on a plane late and will find some beautiful locations/spots and be able to sleep before the wedding, directly affecting the quality of the final result.

18. Live communication with your team

Be sure to be involved in choosing creative contractors yourself and don't leave it entirely up to the planner. When talking to the photographer, watch the complete series of the last few weddings, and arrange for a backup plan in case the photographer gets sick. Try to discuss all the details in person or at least via Skype/Zoom. Photographer and videographer will be with you all day and if you are annoyed by their appearance, the timbre of the voice, or any other detail - then the celebration will turn into some kind of torture).

19. A team, not lone rivals

Instead of hiring several famous but stand-alone photographers try to choose "the one" and trust him or her to recruit the rest of the photography team. Team photographers won't compete with each other for the best shot. The leader will distribute them around the venue with different goals and pieces of equipment, creating a uniquely rich story of your day.

“The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Other people’s perception of you is a reflection of them; your response to them is an awareness of you.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“ Other people’s perception of you is a reflection of them”

20. Reception Lightning

Lighting the evening part of the wedding is one of the key moments for good photos. If your planner finds a professional who will listen to the requests and advice of the videographer and photographer, you will get a fantastic result from this very important moment of the wedding day instead of a mishmash of lilac and red spots on the faces.

21. Don't copy - inspire!

At some point, it's worth putting other wedding ideas and Pinterest inspirational boards aside. The wedding is not done for the sake of the photo. Choose a path for yourself where the main thing is to be yourself, be unique, and not think about how it should look in the photos, especially since you have already trusted the cool professionals and they will do their best.

22. The most important advice!

The bride's mood on her wedding day is the main indicator of the whole wedding day. It affects literally everything and everyone around, so leave all worries and problems behind and try to turn any even slightest problem into a memorable moment of your beautiful event. If it rains, it's better to have a photo of the bride dancing in the rain than a sad portrait at the dinner table in your wedding album. 


We hope that these tips will help you make your wedding day memorable and easy.

If you have any questions or additions, if you just want to say thanks, or are still looking for your perfect wedding photographer - we will be happy to hear from you!